ROB HOFMAN — Chairman and Treasurer
I was born in 1946 in Haarlem, The Netherlands.
My father was a pilot and taught me how to fly.
He also made sure I finished high school and that I graduated with a
Masters in Social Psychology from the University of Groningen.

After teaching psychology at the Social Academy in Groningen and being a psychotherapist at Pakhuis Amerika in Amsterdam, it was time for me to move to New York City.
I got a job as a geriatric caremanager which provided me with the necessary papers to stay in the USA. I liked working with older adults so much that I added a certification as a health and fitness instructor and that is what I still, with much satisfaction, do.

ELS RIJPER Secretary and Treasurer
Photo editor for Science World Magazine and children’s trade books.
Author of Kodachrome; The American Invention of Our World 1939-1959.
Donates books and blood.

TON VRIENS — Director
Initiated Haiti Reporters, a film school for young reporters in Port au Prince with financing from ICCO and the Dutch ministry of foreign affairs. He writes about Haiti and Turtle Tree’s projects in the newspaper NRC-Handelsblad and the weekly magazine De Groene Amsterdammer. Blogs about Turtle Tree’s endeavours in Haiti on

Produced several television documentaries: ‘Looking for Victoria’, 2004, about an Argentine young woman who lost her parents during the dictatorship. ‘To Live in Terror’, 2002, about the bungled investigation of the terrorist attack on Jewish community center AMIA in Buenos Aires in ‘94; Hillary Rodham Clinton, A Portrait; A World of Red Ink for PBS, about the debt crisis in developing countries.

Author of “The Texan Child Murders, in search of the innocence of a young mother” (De Texaanse Kindermoorden), published by Uitgeverij Balans with a grant from the Fonds voor Bijzondere Journalistiek — a Dutch foundation supporting investigative journalism.